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Code: K0291
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Code: C0041
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Code: L1037

PestShield Spider & Creepy Crawly Killer.
Insecticide Formulation for use eliminating
spiders from domestic premises, offices,
factories and warehouses and other
institutional buildings. The spray works as
surface treatment against spiders but also
against crawling insects such as ants,
woodlice, ticks and fleas.
Dirctions for use : shake well before use.
for direct spray - spray directly towards
insects for 2-3 seconds from 60-90cm
away. for surface spray - spray evenly along
surfaces from 20-30cm away where spider
or crawling insects may harbour or have
been seen.re apply as necessary.this
product is approved under the control of
pesticides regulation 1986 as amended for
use as directed.
Warnings : this material and its contaner
must be diaposed of in a safe way.
wash hands and exposed skin before meals
and after use.keep in a safe place & out of
the reach of children. keep away from
sources of ignition- No smoking.do not
contanimate ground, waterbodies or
watercoureses with chemicals or used
container. Remove or cover all fish tanks
and bowls before application.Do not touch
treated surface untill dry. Cover all
watervstorage tanks before application. All
bats are protected under the wildlife and
countryside act 1981.This spray is
Hazardous to Bees.

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Code: L0001

Elbow Grease Is Formulated To Remove
Grease And Oil In Situations. It Is Ideal for
Removing Grease Spots From Fabrics And
Porous Materials, For Removing Grease
From Kitchen Surfaces And Cleaning Oily
Surfaces Such As Engines And Machinery
Spray Bottle Of 500ml

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Code: C0412

151 All purpose filler is specially formulated
for repairs to plaster, plasterboard, wood,
brick, stone and most other building
materials. Ideal for preparing surfaces before
painting or wallpapering.Use filler to fill
cracks and holes in walls, cellings and
round door frames and skirting boards. the
filler gives a smooth surface perfect for
wallpapering and painting. Easy to mix and
simple to use the filler does not shrink. The
filler has excellent adhesive properties which
keep it firmly in position. 151 all purpose
filler can be easily sanded, giving a smooth
surfaceand is suitable for exterior use
provided it is sealed with paint or varnish
when dry.
Mixing instructions : Mix the filler with cold
water to make a stiff paste. use
approximately 2/1.5 parts filler to one part
cold water. Always mix filler in a clean
Application Instructions : Brush out loose
material and dust from crack or hole to be
filled. apply filler with trowel or knife and
press firmly in to cavity. when preparing
deep holes apply in layers allowing each
layer to dry before applying the next.
smooth off slightly proud surface and when
dry rub down with sandpaper. the filler stays
workable for approximately 1.25 hours after
Finishing Instructions: Dries white. can be
over painted or papered, without priming. for
exterior use ensure the filler is sealed with
an oil based paint or varnish.
Cleaning instructions : All tools and mixing
bowls should be cleaned with warm water
before filler sets. dirty tools can shorten
setting times.
Warnings : This product is safe in normal
use. keep away from children. Avoid contact
with eyes. In case of contact with eyes,
rinse immediately with plenty of water and if
necessary seek medical advice. Avoid
prolonged inhalation of dust should sanding
be required. If filler comes in to contact with
skin wash of with soap and water.
Storage Instructions : Sotre in a dry place
keeping sachet and box closed.

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Code: L0464

PestShield. New formula. Fly & wasp killer
is suitable for the control of flies, wasps &
other flying insects.Insecticide for amateur
use against flying insects such as flies,
wasps, flying ants, midgges and
mosquitous by space or direct spray
indoors in domestic premises.
Directions for use : Shake well before use.
for direct knockdown: Hold can upright and
spray directly at insect for 2-3 seconds from
60-90cm away.For room treatment : close
all window and doors. spray in all directions
for 5-10 seconds for an average sized
room.keep room closed and do notenter for
10 minutes. This product is approved under
the control of pesticides regulation 1988
( as amended ) .
Extremely flammable aerosol. very toxic to
aquatic life with long lasting effects.It
contains tetramethrin ( 018% w/w )
permethrin ( 0.14% w/w ).
Precautionary Notes : use only in
accordance with directions on the lable. to
avoid risks to human health and the
environment, comply with the instructions
for use.use only in well ventilated areas. this
material and its container must be disposed
of in a safe way.aaado not contaminate
foodstuffs,eating utensils or food contact
surfaces.wash hands and exposed skin
before meals and after use.keep in a safe
place & keep out of the reach of
children.keep away from sources of ignition-
no smoking. do not contaminate ground,
waterbodies or watercourses with chemicals
or used container.do not touch treated
surface untill dry.all bats are protectedunder
the wildlife and countryside act 1981. this
spray is Hazardous to bees. Do not apply
directly to aminals. pressrised container,
may burst if heated. do not pierce or burn
evev after use.protect from sunlight. do not
spray on an open flame or other ignition
source. do not touch trated surface untill

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Code: C0413

151 All purpose filler is suitable for interior
and exterioruse. Ideal for repairs to plaster,
plasteringboard, brick, wood, stone, etc.
to use and sand down. Dries white.
Instructios for use : Ensure surfaces to be
filled are clean, dry and dust free. if
necessary stir filler before use. In larger
areas, apply filler in layers no more than
6mm thick, allowing each layer to set before
applying the next. Fill slightly proud of
surrounding surface and when fully set,
sand down to a smooth finish. Paint as
required. Protect from rain and water during
setting.nexterior repairs should be
overpainted for long life. After use ensire the
lid is firmly replaced. Do not use on
surfaces that are regularly under water. Do
not use to glaze complete windows.
Cleaning And Storage : Clean tools with
warm water before filler sets hard. Protect
From Frost.
Health And Safety Warnings : Causes
serious eye irritation. Wear Eye Protection.
If in eyes rinse cautiously with water several
minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present
and easy to do. Continue rinsing. If eye
irritation persist: get medical advice/
attention. Wear Protective Gloves: wash
hands/ face thoroughly after handling. If filler
comes in to contact with skin, wash with
warm water before filler dries. Keep out of
the reach of children and animals. Do not

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Code: K1114
We have plenty in stock
Code: C0020

Hard As Nails Adhesive
Bonds wood, plastic, brick, metal,
glass, ceramics & plaster etc
Solvent Free
No need for nails
For interior use
Dries White and is paintable

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Code: C0017

151 Bathroom & Kitchen Sealant White
For sealing gaps in kitchens and bathrooms
Mould resistant
Fits standard cartridges
Dries White

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Code: C0608

151 Hard as nail is a solevent free, instant
grab, high strength adhesive which
eliminates the need for nails and screws in
many DIY jobs. it is ideal for fixing fixinf
skerting boards, dado rails, architraves,
plasterboard, plaster and polystyrene
coving, carpet and grippers ect. to most
building materials, as long as one surface is
porous. this ultra high power adhesive is
suitable for uneven surfaces because it fills
minor gaps.151 hard as nail is ideal for use
in the home as it dries white and can easily
be painted when dry. solvent free this ultra
high power adhesive will replace the need for
nails and screws and can be used to bond
wood, plastic, brick, glass, ceramics, metal
and more.
Directions for use : Ensure the surface are
dry free from dust, debris and grease. dusty
surfaces should be primed with 1part PVA
and 5 part water and then left to dry.work
tube wuth fingers before use. cut the nozzle
to required size with a knife. apply one or
two continuous beads to the back of the
item and immidiately press into place. for
large items apply adhesive around perimeter
approximately 50mm from edge and
additional beads at 300mm intervals.for
heavy panels use support untill adhesive
has dried.the adhesive dries in 24-48 hours
in dry conditions. in damp, cold or humid
condition, curing timemay be significantly
extended.after use store in a cool, dry
place. protect from frost. Note: the
product,though water resistant to a degree,
is not suitable where it will be in permanent
oe long term contact with water or damp. all
data and recommendations given here are
based on laboratory tests carried out with
various building materials and experience
gained when carrying out a variety of
building work. however, this should not be
taken as a general warranty
whetherxpressed or implied. the user must
decide if the product is suitable for the
intended application.
Do not use in situations where both
surfaces are non porous (e.g. plas

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Code: C0342

151 Matt black paint is a topcoat paint
which adheresto both interior and exterior
surfaces of materials such as wood, metal
and concrete and is ideal for use on
blackboards. It is tough and durable for

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Code: C0431

Car pride interior clwan 'N' shine leaves an
instant and long lasting shine with ani-static
it helps to restore interior dash and trim to
showroom condition.the unique formula
contains anti static agents that helps to
repel dust and dirt keeping your dash
cleaner for longer.
Directions : shake can thoroughly.spray
directly onto surface.polish off with a clean
soft cloth.
Important : Avoid overspray onto glass
areas by spraying onto cloth.do not use on
foot pedals or steering wheels.ensure
adequate ventilation whilst using.plastic
materials vary in composition:assess the
product on a small inconspicuous area
before use.
Caution : extremely flammable.harmful to
aquatic organisms, may cause long term
adverse effects in aquatic environment. do
not empty into drains.use only in well
venlated areas.pressurised container :
protect from sunlight.do not pierce or burn
even after use. do not spray on a naked
flame or any incandescent material. keep
away from sources of ignition. no smoking.
Keep out of the reach of children.

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